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Welcome to the castle of Havré



This famous castle was initially a powerful fortress, an important defensive position in the region of Mons, County of Hainaut, then transformed into an opulent pleasure residence.


Having always belonged to important families, he thus knew a brilliant existence, more especially under the marquises and then under the dukes of Havré, branch of the illustrious House of Croÿ.  Many receptions were held there, many celebrities and even crowned heads were welcomed.  The castle was always the prerogative of illustrious houses : the Enghien, Harcourt, the Orleans, the Counts of Dunois and the Dukes of Longueville and finally the family of Croÿ who saw his land of Havré raised to the rank of duchy in 1627.  The last duke died celibate in 1839, thus disappeared the title of Duke of Havré.


Since 1979,  the non-profit association "Les Amis du Château des Ducs d'Havré" has been working for the restoration and reintegration into the present society of this heritage, listed in 1936.